Riwega has helped to create awareness of the importance of a properly insulated and ventilated roof in the Italian and international markets. In the process, Riwega has become the leading company in the industry. Riwega offers a wide range of highly breathable roof and wall membranes, systems for professional ventilation of the roof, products for water, air and wind tightness and permanent systems for safety. Products for pitched roofs with roof coverings have been the hallmark of the company since its foundation in 1998.

Today, the Riwega brand can claim the best results in the specialization, production and commercialization of building materials that meet the criteria of the current European directives for energy saving and environmental protection. Riwega’s innovative lines of development are thus based on current market analyses and the needs derived from them. 
Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the building sector, Riwega faces different markets: roofing, ventilated facades, and building envelopes.

Riwega’s primary goal is to respect the building and environment standards, to guarantee a better living quality and a vision that is linked to long-lasting and healthy buildings. These goals can only be achieved with particularly careful planning and construction of the building, using construction systems that guarantee the benefits of the structural packages: insulation, thermic inertia, ventilation, soundproofing, waterproofing, air and wind tightness.

The chosen products for the creation of the roof packages play a fundamental role: the better their technical features and their durability, the better their contribution to a long-lasting roof package and therefore, to the entire building. 
... stands for passion, ambition and energy saving!