General sales conditions
1. General 
1.1 Regarding the general sales conditions, as follows is applied: Riwega Srl, with main office in I-39044 Egna (BZ), Via Isola di sopra 28, referred as the Seller. 
1.2 Regarding the general sales conditions, as follows is applied: any company, who purchases products from Riwega Srl, referred as the Costumer. 
1.3 Regarding the general sales conditions, as follows is applied: All articles & materials, commercialized by Riwega Srl, are referred as “Products”. 

2. Foreword 
2.1 These general Sales Conditions are applyed on all sales from Riwega Srl and the customer. Excemptions to these general Sales Conditions are other written and signed agreements between the parties.

3. Characteristics of the Products - Updates and Modifications 
3.1 Any information or datas relating to the technical features and/or specifications of the Products contained in this catalogue, our pricelists, and similar commercial documents, shall be binding. 
3.2 The customer declares to be aware and accepts the given informations regarding the characteristics and technical features of the products contained in Riwega’s catalogue, pricelists and similar commercial documents. 
3.3 The Seller may apply anytime, any changes to the Products, without altering their essential features, if it appears to be necessary or suitable. Product modifications and/or new technical datas, will be constantly updated on the Riwega web site (Products pages). Any change on the web site will anytime, prevail over the datas in the catalogue, price list and other commercial documents. 

4. How to place an order 
4.1 Orders of Riwega’s Products are to be communicated by written the Seller with the methods and terms indicated by Riwega Srl. 
4.2 The above-mentioned orders are binding for the customer, after beeing accepted by Riwega Srl. 

5. Terms of delivery – Transport costs 
5.1 If the Seller suspects, that he will could be unable to deliver the Products at the expected delivery date, he must inform the Buyer about this within the shortest delay in written form: comunicating, as far as possible, the estimated date of delivery. 
5.2 Any delay caused by major force (as defined in art. 11) or by acts or omissions of the Buyer (e.g. the lack of informations which are necessary for the delivery of the Products and eventually unpaid invoices), shall not be considered as a delay for which the Seller is responsible. 
5.3 The Products must be delivered in full wrapping ad/or packing and not as unpacked loose pieces, and any order will be accepted exclusively regarding the quantities indicated in the catalogue, for reaching this purpose. 
5.4 The delivery conditions and the delivery prices are indicated in Riwega’s transport pricelist. 
5.5 On arrival and consigne of the delivered Products, the Customer must send a signed and stamped copy of the transport document and/or bill of lading to the Seller (by fax or mail). 

6. Prices 
6.1 The Products are sold at the price indicated in the Riwega’s pricelist whom are valid at the date of the order placement.
6.2 Unless otherwise agreed, the prices are to be considered Ex Work Riwega, the products are packaged according to the usages of the sector-standard and in relation to the standard transport conditions. It is agreed, that any other cost of additional packaging, protecting or transport service to the sector-standard, shall be paid by the Customer. 

7. Payment conditions
7.1 The payments must be made in €, within the indicated terms on the invoice. If the parties have not determined the payment conditions beforehand (as defined in art. 7.5), the payment must be made as indicated under article 
7.2 If the parties have agreed on a payment by SWIFT or SEPA bank transfer, the payment must be made, unless otherwise specified by written, within 30 days from the invoice. 
7.3 A payment is considered as valid, once the respective amount is at the Seller’s disposal at its bank account, mentioned on the invoice. 
7.4 If it is agreed that the payment must be backed by a bank guarantee, the Buyer must provide a Bank Guarantee at the Seller’s disposal, at least 30 days before the date of delivery, issued by a primary italian bank in accordance with the ICC-Rules. The Bank Guarantee has to be redeemable / payable with a simple declaration by the Seller, that he has not received the payment within the agreed payment terms 
7.5 If the parties have agreed a payment in advance, without further indication, it will be assumed that such payment in advance, refers to the full price. Unless otherwise agreed, the payment in advance must be transferred to the Seller’s account at least 5 days before the agreed date of delivery. 
7.6 If the parties have agreed on payment against documents (documentary collection) payment will be, unless otherwise agreed, Documents Against Payment. 
7.7 Unless otherwise agreed, any expenses or bank commissions and costs due regarding the payment operation shall be paid by the Buyer. 

8. Retention of title
8.1 The delivered products will remain propriety of the Seller, until the complete payment of the invoice has been made. 
8.2 The payment of the products through cheque or bill of exchange is not considered as completed, until the full amount of the invoice is arrived on the bank account of the Seller. 
8.3 Since the products will remain property of the Seller until the full payment, the buyer can’t yield them or bind them in whatever form and is responsible for their maintenance. 
8.4 Until the payment of the material has not been carried out completely, it’s Riwega’s right to ask the immediate restitution, emphasizing that the money received until that date, will be kept as a default indemnity. 

9. Goods return - claims 
9.1 Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery of the products is always considered Ex Works, even if the transport is organized by the Seller. 
9.2 The possible product-connected risks are transferred to the Customer whenever the products leave our stockyard. 
9.3 Possible claims regarding the state of the boxaging, quantity, number and exterior characteristics of the products has to be written on the carier notice and on Riwega’s transport document and must be communicated to the Seller by registered post within 3 days after goods receipt. 
9.4 Possible claims for defects that can not be noticed at goods receipt (hidden defects) have to be communicated to the Seller, through registered post within 7 days within its discovery and not beyond 12 months after goods receipt. 
9.5 Possible claims communicated through other methods different by the ones mentioned above will not be considered by the Seller; the Customer has not any right against this. 
9.6 It is agreed that possible claims do not give the right to the Customer to suspend or delay the payment of the delivered product’s price. 

10. Warranty for defects

10.1 The Seller agrees to repair or replace any defects, lack of quality or non-conformity of the Products for which he is liable, occurring within twelve months from delivery of the Products, only if such defects have been timely notified in accordance with art. 9.3. The Seller will have the choice between repairing or replacing the Products which have shown to be defect. The Products repaired or replaced under warranty will be delivered to the same guarantee for a period of six months starting from the date of repair or replacement. 
10.2 The Seller does not guarantee that the Products have special specifications or further technical features or that they are suitable for particular usages not indicated in the catalogue, except such requested characteristics have been expressly agreed upon in the contract or in other documents referred to that purpose in the Contract. 
10.3 It is agreed that only for the specified products, Riwega’s commercial warranty is applied for the related validity period and within the terms indicated in the product’s technical documents. 

11. Force majeure
11.1 Either party shall have the right to suspend performance of his contractual obligations when such performance becomes impossible or unduly burdensome because of unforeseeable events beyond his control, such as strikes, boycotts, lock-outs, fires, war (either declared or not), civil war, riots, revolutions, requisitions, embargo, energy black-outs, delay in delivery of components or raw materials. 
11.2 The party who wishes to make use of the present clause must promptly inform the other party, in written form, about the occurrence and the approximately end of any force majeure circumstances. 
11.3 Should the suspension due to force majeure last more than six weeks, either party shall have the right to terminate the Contract by a 10 days’ written notice to the counterpart. 

12. Jurisdiction /Arbitration

12.1 The parties agree that the current Italian regulations are applied to the sales contract. 

13. Competent Court
13.1 For every disagreement during the execution or interpretation of the sales contract and of these sales conditions, the competent Court is the Court of Bolzano (Italy). 

1.1. up to a net order amount of € 300.00, transport costs of € 15.00 + VAT will be charged to the purchaser;  
1.2. from a net order amount of € 301.00 up to € 1,000.00, transport costs of 5% of the amount purchased + VAT will be charged to the purchaser 
1.3. from a net order amount of € 1,001.00, the transport costs will be taken over by the seller.   

2.1. The transport costs for countries within the European Union and for countries outside the EEC are to be agreed on a case-by-case basis.   

3.1 The actual transport costs may vary from the above and will be shown correctly on the order confirmation.